The need for an Employee Attendance Report System

Suppose you are a grown or a growing corporate company handling numerous employees at different levels, departments, and sometimes even locations. In that case, you might know how difficult it is to manage such a vast human resource. Managing employees and working hours might be tedious if your company is functioning in a fast-paced environment with close deadlines. But your employees are not machines and might call in sick or have various reasons to go on leave or be absent. Such situations are out of control at this time. But you could lose 8 to 10 hours of work per employee to finish the projects assigned.

But, arranging replacements to work is not as easy as it sounds with employees across the state or countries. To manage such a situation, you might need an automated system that does the job of scheduling shifts, reporting absents, granting leave, and listing possible alternate arrangements.

What does an employee call-off-hotline system do?

  1. An effective way to Report Absenteeism by Employees

When an employee wants to convey his inability to attend work today, he usually has to tell multiple people and email officially stating his reason. He has to wait to ensure that he is granted leave. With an automated system, for employees calling in sick could relay the information on Content Management Software.

  • Conveyance of message to all the parties Concerned

The system automatically relays the message to everyone concerned, like the higher-ups, departments concerned, and the scheduling department. So that they could arrange alternatives and make changes in the shifts. This practice saves much time.

  • Work Doesn’t Stop

With sooner responses, the system can identify possible replacements who could take over the work immediately so that the work is not delayed. Manually this is not such an easy decision, as you go through a large set of data and refer different people working under you to check whether a replacement is available. But an automated system does it in minutes.

  • Standardized Reports

Since all the employee details and absences are in one place, you can calculate their working hours easily and calculate appraisals or salary cuts accordingly. An HR manager needs to collate all data and prepare reports. With everything documented and updated automatically across various files, extra work done by employees who took over as replacements could also be tracked and recorded.

  • Increases Productivity

With the help of the employee Call off hotline system, the calls are automatically received, and messages are stored. A prompt message is sent to the concerned officers to alert them about absenteeism. It saves a lot of time and effort on the part of the human resource team, and they can focus on other work while trying to do all this manually. It also saves time in reporting and updating various databases about absenteeism as it is done automatically by the software.

  • No place for Error

With a completely automated system, there is less space left for errors except for the input of data that happens by humans. Other than that, the chances of error in filing leave and reporting the employee details are perfect. There will be no worry about future disputes or queries about the company’s legibility.

The Sum Up

Unexpected events and emergencies could occur to anyone, but as an employer, your concern should be ensuring that the work is not interrupted. To achieve this efficiently, it is wise to employ an automated system for employees who call in sick so that you can help them and r the project deadline in time.

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