About Me

About Me

I am Amy, a professional blogger & baker with over 10 years of experience

You already know my name. But it may take more time to get to know my personality; introverts are hard to get sometimes.

Let me tell you my story. Baking was always my passion. But, I must admit
that it wasn’t easy at first. My journey into baking started with learning the
basics. I gathered all the information I needed on the internet and started
baking from scratch. That’s why I decide to besides baking start to share other reliable information on different topics that I like to read and write

Take this website as it is. I will write no marketing fluff; I won’t try to please any marketing gurus or hardcore-white-hat-SEO-communities.

I have very diverse interests. The main topics I will cover are building niche websites, growth, SEO, content, personal development, workflow and productivity, Kanban and agility, work ethic, business philosophy, minimalism, and stoicism.

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