How You Can Attract A Variety Of Ages To Your Viora Reaction Treatment By Offering Lip Enhancement

For many years women would love you to get those perfect lips and look for ways to restore the fullness and volume of their lips. In the past, medical science wasn’t so developed that it could give women the pleasure of having the perfect kissable lips. However, with the recent technology and modern science, doctors have lip augmentation at the Viora reaction treatment to offer to their patients who come with a problem of thin or chipped lips.

A cosmetic procedure, Lip augmentation restores the volume and fullness of your lips by either undergoing surgery or injecting dermal fillers into your lips. Patients mostly turn to fillers like Restylane to avoid surgical procedures. There are even those patients who would go for lip implants for more permanent solutions and get the perfect kissable lips like the Viora reaction treatment.

Types of Dermal Fillers

The cosmetic surgeons use the following dermal fillers via injections to plump the lips of their patients:

1. Collagen

2. Hyaluronic Acid

3. Hydroxylapatite

4. Human Fat

These have proven to be beneficial in giving the patients the ideal look.

Benefits of Lip Augmentation

You can attract more and more customers to your Viora reaction treatment by informing them about the various benefits of the Lip augmentation procedures your clinic has to offer. These benefits should be such that no client who needs a lip augmentation would think twice to take up your service. The benefits of Lip Augmentation are:

1. Simple Treatment: The lip augmentation procedure is usually conducted on an outpatient basis in the clinic of the doctor. The usual injectable lip treatments take about an hour to complete, however, the lip implant surgery might take up several hours for the doctor and the patient. It is a gradual and simple treatment. A lip implant surgery would require local anesthesia to numb the area and the doctor shall make small incisions. Before the lip augmentation procedures, allergy testing is done.

2. Minimised Bruising: If you undergo a lip augmentation by using dermal filler treatment then you may suffer from reduced bruising in the injected area. It may also reduce the swelling and other fewer side effects. However, patients who go for permanent lip implants may experience a little discomfort and swelling after the procedure is completed. The stitches used to complete the procedure will be removed after a few days of the surgery and the patients are recommended to use ice packs for comfort.

3. Less Downtime: If you undergo injectable lip augmentation treatments then you may return back to your daily activities immediately after getting the treatment. However, those who prefer permanent lip implants may have to wait for a week to recover from the discomforts.

4. Longer Lasting Results: The injectable dermal fillers last for several months but are not a permanent solution to plump lips. It is also necessary to return back for the treatment for maintaining the results. These temporary procedures can also be appealing to some patients who want to experiment with voluminous and fuller lips but do not commit to it permanently.

There is no denying the fact that to alleviate the patient’s discomfort, an anesthetic is administered to them; nevertheless, this might pose a problem for certain people, particularly those who are allergic to it or who may have experienced nerve damage as a result of their exposure to it in the past. Because of this, both men and women must consider undergoing these operations after becoming familiar with all of the relevant information regarding them. Patients are fully aware of the fact that, as a result of their diseases, they are more likely to face dangers and difficulties in their lives.

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